Gender and Inclusion in social protection responses during COVID-19

The Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19: Expert Advice Helpline (SPACE) provides donors, governments and implementing partners with direct support in thinking through how to maintain or adapt existing systems and programmes to meet rapidly growing needs. Through a multi-disciplinary ‘ask-the-experts’ service, SPACE provides a sounding board for decision-makers in COVID-19 responses – challenging or affirming existing thinking and supporting innovation. You can find more information on SPACE and how to access the service here.  The expert team behind SPACE has co-created a suite of evolving tools and brief reference documents to facilitate decision-making for the COVID-19 response. These ‘living documents’ can help you make sense of a broad body of global evidence on shock responsive social protection and humanitarian cash assistance – within your own operating context and in specific relation to your Covid-19 response (e.g. they build on past literature and global COVID-19 literature such as efforts by and Gentilini et al’s Living Paper).  These documents can be used individually or in combination. They clearly signpost each other throughout to help you build your own bespoke toolkit reflecting your needs.