Last updated: 11/3/2024

Basic Information

Geographic area
Institutions and agencies involved
Population group
Working age group

Programme Details

Programme objectives

This programme aims to Improve the living conditions of the unemployed or underemployed population at risk of poverty and extreme poverty, through a temporary financial support for their participation in community projects, training processes, support to groups of people with ideas and projects.

Programme components
i) Communal work and Productive ideas: Temporary economic support per month for unemployed or underemployed grouped into cooperatives, community organizations or non-profit associations involved in a project of community interest; ii) Training support: Temporary economic support to people involved in a community project of occupational training; iii) Training "Empléate": It allows access to training programs and technical and technological training according with labour market demands; iv) Indigenous people: Temporary economic support to indigenous population in projects of community interest in infrastructure development; v) Monetary subsidy: The programme provides a temporary employment subsidy to people who, as a result of a disaster, are suffering the loss of their jobs or regular source of income, or are unemployed.

Targeting and eligiblity

Target groups
People above 15 years old living in poverty, extreme poverty, vulnerability, unemployed and underemployed. Furthermore, the programme includes indigenous populations.
Eligibility criteria
i) Communal work and Productive ideas: Persons over 18 years of age, unemployed and underemployed, in poverty and/or extreme poverty; ii) Training support: People over 15 years old; iii) Training "Empléate": Young people between 17 and 24 years old who are neither studying nor working; iv) Indigenous people: People over 18 years from indigenous areas.

Coverage and other information

Amount of benefits
i) Communal work and Productive ideas: CRC 185.000 (The amount varies depending on the time of participation: 160 hours monthly, will receive total allowance; 120 hours per month will receive the 75% of the total and, 80 hours per month will be entitled to receive 50% of the total subsidy); ii) Training support: CRC 185.000; iii) Training "Empléate": CRC 185.000; iv) Indigenous people: CRC 185.000.
Minimum and maximum duration of benefits (if any)
The monetary support/transfer for the community work, productive ideas and training will last three months, while in EMPLEATE will last for six months on average.
Legal Framework
Executive Decree Nº 29044-TSS-COMEX (2000); Executive Decree Nº 037143-MTSS-COMEX (2012) ; Executive Decree 35028-MTSS-COMEX (2009).
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