Social Europe Conference on the future of social protection and the welfare state

Format: In-person at the European Parliament, SPINELLI 3H1, Brussels

Interpretation will be available from English to Italian, French and Spanish. 

In the recent years we have faced one crisis after another, from COVID-19 pandemic to the war in Ukraine, climate change, the energy crisis and the cost-of-living crisis, pushing more people across Europe into poverty. These parallel and mutually reinforcing crises have shown the gaps and weaknesses of our social protection systems and the lack of investment in services and social infrastructure which limits the resilience of our societies and leads to increased suffering, people missing out on opportunities and failing to reach their full potential.

What are the solutions to make our societies more resilient? What do we need to lift people out of poverty? What is the future of our welfare state in times of recurrent crises?

This roundtable will bring together representatives of civil society, institutional stakeholders, trade unions and academia to discuss and try to answer these questions. If we put the present picture in the perspective of the green transition, the urgency to protect people in vulnerable situations becomes even more urgent. Europe needs robust, healthy and flexible welfare systems to face current and future challenges, while ensuring that no one is left behind.   

The Social Europe Conference is an annual event organised by SOLIDAR in which the results of its flagship publication on the state of social rights and civic space in Europe, the Social Rights Monitor, are presented. In 2022, no Social Rights Monitor will be produced, as its methodology is being revised. However, the new methodology, and the interactive web map through which the results of the Social Rights Monitor will be visualised, will be presented. This year SOLIDAR, in collaboration with Social Platform, will make use of its Social Europe Conference to imagine the key features of the future of the welfare state in Europe in view of these parallel crises and the upcoming report produced by the High-Level Group on the Future of Social Protection and the Welfare State.