Webinar on Social Protection in promoting access to HIV Healthcare services

Webinar on "Harnessing Social Protection to Improve HIV Outcomes in Vulnerable Children and Adolescents" is Co-hosted by the Inter-agency Task Team on HIV-sensitive Social Protection (IATT-SP), the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Task Force (OVC Task Force), ViiV Healthcare Positive Action, and the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (the Coalition).

Objective: Key global donors and policy makers are inspired to prioritise social protection as part of a holistic treatment package for children and youth living with HIV. Please join us as we explore game-changing innovations.

COVID-19 has highlighted how social and economic barriers prevent vulnerable children and adolescents from accessing and benefitting from biomedical support essential for their health and well-being. This webinar sees global policy makers, donors and implementers explore together how these barriers can be overcome by combining social protection with biomedical support. It will examine the winning innovations of the Reaching All Children Positive Action Challenge - and discuss what policy changes are required to scale up what works.