Webinar presentation from the session held on 26 October, organised by German Development Cooperation through the programme Global Alliances for Social Protection, implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), will discuss issues related to systematic decision making for Universal Health Coverage (UHC).


Webinar presentation from 12 October 2017, describing in detail the design features of Mexico’s flagship social protection programme, PROSPERA Social Inclusion Program. The webinar will focus on its external evaluation mechanism, which is carried out by an autonomous agency in charge of the nation’s social policy evaluation. The programme is under the direction of the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) and implemented by the PROSPERA National Coordination. 


L’inclusion des personnes en situation de handicap dans le système de sécurité sociale pour le rétablissement suite à la COVID-19 et au-delà

Inclusion of persons with disabilities in social protection for COVID-19 recovery and beyond

While our in-person course in Cambridge has been postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are excited to offer this free webinar series during the originally scheduled course dates. Join us daily from 11am-12:30pm EDT for this week-long webinar training series on Evaluating Social Programs. Throughout the week, these webinars will provide an introduction to why and how randomized evaluations can be used to rigorously measure social impact. 


Q&A: The politics of gender responsive social protection

Fiscal Space for Social Protection webinar series: A summary

The Experience of Applying CODI in Belize

A presentation on the process of initiation, implementation, results, reception and usefulness of a recent application of the ISPA CODI tool in Belize. 

Presenters: Ilija Talev, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Belize;  Thomas Otter, Director ECI (International Consultant).

Moderator: Almudena Fernandez, Policy Specialist, UNDP.



Building Rapid Diagnostics of Social Protection Systems: An introduction to CODI