Social Protection Responses to COVID-19: Are We Doing Enough?


Countries around the world are facing unprecedented challenges to mitigate the health and economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has highlighted the critical role of well-designed, coordinated and competently implemented social protection systems to provide adequate support for poor and vulnerable communities. Strengthening social protection systems is an urgent necessity to address emerging challenges.

In the latest 'COVID-19 and Beyond' webinar series, the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability (CDES) has gathered a panel of experts to provide an overview of the social protection responses in different countries; to identify best practices in terms of targeting food and cash transfers in times of crises; and to identify the key social protection issues to consider in formulating strategies for an inclusive COVID-19 recovery.

This event will be hosted and moderated by Professor Asad Islam, CDES Director.


  • Dr Celia Reyes

  • Dr Michal Rutkowski

  • Dr Sudarno Sumarto


  • Asad Islam

Virtual Event | AEDT (UTC +11)