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It’s socialprotection.org’s 7th anniversary! Thank you for your commitment and support. This special issue features an infographic with our latest accomplishments and poses an important reflection: how can social protection support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development? Register for upcoming webinars, listen to our special podcast episode about the SDGs, and discover new publications!
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Demand and supply perspectives on digital financial inclusion and cash transfers: findings from a WFP study in the Asia-Pacific region

15 September | 10:00 (GMT+1)
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The Role of National Response Plans in improving Coordination: The Case of Madagascar

22 September | 14:00 (CEST/GMT+2)
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Leveraging financing for building shock responsive social protection systems

29 September | 13:00 (GMT)
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Social Protection Podcast
Episode #17 | Social protection as an SDG acceleratorThe ongoing food, energy and financial crises resulting from the pandemic have hindered the achievement of the SDGs at a global level. Our guest Nenad Rava (Joint SDG Fund) explains how social protection can change this scenario.

Just give all the money to the poor? 
University of Cape Town, Roskilde University(2022)
Global Evaluation of UNDP’s Support to Social Protection 2016-2022
UNDP Independent Evaluation Office | Open until 20 September

Participate in a 12-minute survey directed at academic and research institutions working on social protection. It focuses on the strengths and weakness of your country’s social protection system and asks for suggestions for improvements. All answers are confidential.
Academic Opportunities
Call for proposals: The MENASP-CP GCRF Research Fund - 2nd round
MENASP | Online | Deadline: 28 October 2022
Employment Policy and Equalities
Keele University | Blended | Deadline: 31 December 2022
Job Opportunities
Senior Researcher
OHCHR | Brussels | Deadline: 1 October 2022
Social Protection and Employment Policy Specialist
ILO | Geneva | Deadline: 3 October 2022
Social Protection and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The SDG agenda has been set back by the COVID-19 pandemic. Social protection can play a core role as an SDG accelerator; however, it requires extensive collaboration. Read further in an exclusive blog by the Joint SDG Fund. You can also access other publications, browse an interactive infographic about Asia and the Pacific, and enrol in a course about rural poverty and SDGs 1 and 2. In addition, discover an ongoing joint programme in the Caribbean.
Catalysing integrated social protection to accelerate the SDGs | by N. Rava, M. Marquez, and P. Breard, Joint SDG Fund—Discover how the Joint SDG Fund was able to accelerate the SDGs through 35 joint programmes, adding at least 147 million people to new or extended social protection services—including SDG Target 1.3, regarding universal social protection floors.
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Annual SDG Review 2022 
ESCWA (2022) 

Access additional publications on social protection and the SDGs curated by
the socialprotection.org team and partners.

Poverty Analysis to achieve SDGs 1 and 2 — FAO, IPC-IG This course covers various vital inter-sectoral elements and processes to adequately support policy and programme design and implementation in sub-Saharan African countries, towards eradicating poverty and hunger and reaching SDGs 1 and 2. Enrol now!
Programme Profile
Universal Adaptive Social Protection to Enhance Resilience and Acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Eastern Caribbean 
Latin America and the Caribbean 

This ongoing joint programme aims to progressively increase access to social protection services towards universal coverage in Barbados, Saint Lucia and across the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). It also aims to ensure that social protection programmes are equipped for crisis preparedness and response.
Infographic: SDGs—Social Protection Toolbox—UNESCAP 
This interactive infographic, part of the Social Protection Toolbox, explains why and how social protection can support the achievement of each of the 17 SDGs and related targets, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.
Past Webinar
Launch and discussion of the paper “UN collaboration on social protection: Reaching consensus on how to accelerate social protection systems building” 

5 May 2022

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