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The socialprotection.org platform has just completed six years as an essential knowledge-sharing and capacity-building hub in the field of social protection. We would like to thank our more than 9,000 members, 2,000 stakeholders, main partners, and especially you! Our achievements would not have been possible without your engagement and continuous support over the years. Check out the key results we have accomplished so far: 
In this commemorative edition, you will find relevant content on social protection responses to COVID-19 promoted and / or produced by socialprotection.org during this past year. We invite you to seize the occasion to reflect on these experiences and delve into the challenges and lessons the world has had to overcome. Starting with this newsletter, in the coming weeks you can expect lots of content to inspire reflections on what has changed in the social protection field since the outbreak of the pandemic, with a focus on what needs to be done from now on. Enjoy!
Upcoming Webinars
Enhancing the impact of social protection programs on food security and nutrition

16 September 2021
02:00 (GMT+2)
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What works in the delivery of Adaptive Social Protection? Improving G2P Payments for Recipients

21 September 2021
14:00 (GMT+2)
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This is the 3rd webinar in the ‘ASPects – Practice
Exchange on ASP
’ series, organised by the GIIZ
Past Webinar Series
African Dialogue on COVID-19 and the Future of Social Protection
African Union | APSP | HelpAge International | WIEGO | Save the Children | FES | ILO
Check out this three-webinar series designed to enable an engaging conversation on how to address critical social protection gaps exposed by the pandemic and progress towards inclusive and rights-based social protection.
Social protection responses to COVID-19 Webinar Series
IPC-IG | GIZ | Australian Aid

The series includes 32 webinars developed during the first months of the global health crisis to explore the role of social protection in responding to COVID-19. These webinars show how countries around the world were reacting to the pandemic and discuss key issues related to universal social protection.
Social Protection in South Asia - the landscape before COVID-19, a snapshot into responses to the crisis and the paths ahead
IPC-IG | UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA)

The six sessions of this series present how the pre-COVID social protection landscape is being modified by the health crisis in South Asia and what are the prospects for the ‘new normal’ of social protection set-ups going forward.
In March, one year since COVID-19 swept over the globe, the socialprotection.org started the Social Protection Podcast to discuss key topics related to social protection. Our latest release is the first of a set of upcoming episodes exploring social protection flagship programmes. This time, we discussed Brazil’s ‘Bolsa Família’, one of the world’s best known conditional cash transfers. 
The ‘Covid-19: a turning point for social protection?’ podcast series, produced by socialprotection.org in partnership with ODI and the GIZ, discusses the effectiveness of different social protection responses to the pandemic throughout six episodes. It is based on a series of ODI working papers.
Blog post
What's next for Social Protection: A Global Fund for Social Protection

by Nicola Wiebe (Brot für die Welt)

Social Protection Responses to COVID-19 in the Global South
IPC-IG and partners

This online dashboard documents the social protection responses to the COVID-19 crisis in the Global South, using a shock-responsive lens. After a test version, the online dashboard was recently updated. Now a more complete and user-friendly version is available, including additional filters and data. Access it now!
Featured Online Community
The ‘Social protection responses to COVID-19’ Online Community (OC) is the result of a task force organised since the beginning of the pandemic. It is an important space to check how countries across the world are responding to the pandemic through social protection measures, share lessons learned and best practices.
Podcast episode | Lost in COVID-19 limbo-land: Pandemic hits youth employment hard 
Podcast episode | Cushioning the effects of COVID-19 on the poor
The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Learning Pathway
Save the Children

This e-course aims to enable humanitarians, including local responders, to be better equipped to respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It contains online technical capacity-strengthening programmes to support humanitarians’ responses during the crisis.
Adaptive Social Protection (micro-course)

Learn to recognise Adaptive Social Protection as a dedicated focus area within the wider field of social protection and identify the ways in which social protection systems can be adapted to build the resilience of poor and vulnerable households before, during and after shocks.
e-Conference Outcomes
The global e-Conference ‘Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: what's next for social protection?’, which took place in October 2020, was a milestone for the social protection community. Almost one year later, the discussions held then are still important to understand how the pandemic shook the world we live in and raised social protection measures into another level. Check out the outcomes of the event:
Job Opportunities
Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Programme Manager
Save the Children | Les Cayes, Haiti | Apply until 27 September

Health Financing and Social Protection Manager - Kenya HSS
Abt Associates | Nairobi, Kenya | Apply until 30 September