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Celebrations are still ongoing at socialprotection.org! Until the end of October, we’ll be sharing special content in honour of our platform's sixth anniversary. One of the celebratory features we developed for this occasion is our e-vent: a space for people in the social protection community to share their thoughts and concerns on the challenges in the sector since COVID-19. We would like to invite all of you to participate: let's vent!

This issue also commemorates 17 October, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, by promoting content that emphasises the potential of cash transfers as an effective tool for poverty alleviation. Cash transfers have been widely used by governments worldwide as a tool to enhance people’s income and human capabilities—as well as to cushion the impacts of the pandemic, in high-, medium- and low-income countries.

If you would like to share your publication, webinar, podcast or other content with our team, please send your contributions to [email protected], or click here. Starting in November, suggestions can either be featured on our newsletter or uploaded to the platform.
Our Annual Report 2021 is out, highlighting the main activities from September 2020 to August 2021. Over the last year, we launched the Social Protection Podcast, delivered a series of micro-courses on the fundamentals of social protection, and set up a dedicated page to COVID-19 responses, among many other activities.
Upcoming Webinars
Enhancing the impact of social protection programs on food security and nutrition

14 October 2021
08:00 (GMT -4)
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Fiscal Equity and Leaving No One Behind

28 October 2021
08:30 (GMT -4)
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Past Webinars
What works in the delivery of Adaptive Social Protection? Improving G2P Payments for Recipients

21 September 2021
''We don’t do a lot for them specifically'': diverse SOGIESC (aka LGBTIQ+) inclusion in social protection and cash-based assistance
Edge Effect, DFAT

24 August 2021
UNDP, 2021
Upcoming Event
Gender Equality and Social Protection: Innovation, SDG Acceleration and Catalytic Effect of Joint Programmes Supported by the UN Joint SDG Fund
27 October, 10:00-13:00 EST

This event marks a milestone towards further assessing the UN Joint SDG Fund’s contribution to integrated social protection to leave no one behind as an effective means to accelerate the progress on multiple SDGs.
Social Protection Podcast
As part of this month’s festivities, socialprotecion.org is releasing two special episodes on what has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak from the perspective of the social protection community. The first one, “What's changed since COVID-19: Responses, knowledge sharing and advice”, explores the remarkable efforts of social protection experts to mobilise knowledge and provide advice to inform the responses to the pandemic. Stay tuned for the upcoming episode, bringing country cases that illustrate the diversity of responses and their impact in their social protection systems. It will be released on 29 October, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list below and don't miss it!
Social Protection and Rural Poverty
This micro-course focuses on the multiple dimensions and drivers of rural poverty and inequality and on how social protection can make rural transformation more inclusive.
Programme Profiles
Pantawid Pamilya, Pantawid Pamilyang Philipino Programme, 4Ps
Government of Philippines

The programme aims to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty by encouraging households to invest in their children's health and education.
Read the blog post "How cash transfers can have negative impact on non-beneficiaries:
Evidence from Philippines
", by Deon Filmer, Jed Friedman, Eeshani Kandpal and Junko Onishi.
What have we learned about cash transfers?

by John Loeser, Berk Özler and Patrick Premand (World Bank Blogs)

Social Protection Monitor

According to ILO, regarding COVID-19 measures, the majority of countries invested in expanding contributory and non-contributory schemes, by extending coverage and increasing or creating new benefits. Activate the COVID-19 filter in this interactive dashboard and learn more about social protection responses to the pandemic.
Video Social Protection in the COVID-19 Response and Beyond

This animated video showcases why and how social protection systems and programmes have been used or adapted worldwide to respond to COVID-19, setting out lessons to inform on preparedness for future shocks.
Podcast | Social Welfare in China: Poverty Alleviation, Safety Nets and the Pandemic
Asia Global Institute

Pilot projects indicate that the implementation of a universal basic income can lead to a reduction of extreme poverty in developing economies and mitigate job losses in developed ones. However, the concept remains highly controversial, and no government has adopted it as a principal tool for social protection.
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socialprotection.org | Home-based, Brasilia Office, Brazil | Apply until 31 December
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ILO | Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq | Apply until 22 October
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WFP | Home-based, Pacific Multi-Country Office | Apply until 24 October

MENASP-CP GCRF Research Fund
MENASP | Apply until 23 November 2021