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This issue is inspired by World Children's Day, celebrated on 20 November. We discuss the importance of child-sensitive social protection in vulnerable settings; invite you to register for a webinar featuring lessons from 100 years of social protection; listen to a new episode of the Social Protection Podcast about children on the move; read publications on migration and agriculture; and join a consultation of the Social Protection in Crisis Contexts Online Community.
Upcoming Webinars
Rethinking Social Protection and Climate Change – Implications of climate change for social protection policy and programming in the Asia-Pacific Region

16 November 2023 | 15:30 (GMT+11)
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Building Resilient Social Protection Systems through Integrated Policies: Lessons from 100 years of social protection

23 November 2023 | 13:00 (GMT+2)
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Social Protection Podcast
Episode 32 | Children on the Move—What are the measures taken by countries to extend social protection to displaced children and their families? And what are the consequences of displacement for host countries and communities? In addition, listen to a special update on the implementation of cash and voucher assistance in Gaza in the current conflict.
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Launch of the State of the World’s Cash Report 2023
CALP Network

15 November 2023 | 13:00 (UTC)
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Online Community
Hangout meeting consultation: Social Protection in Crisis Contexts Online Community (OC)—Participate in the consultation on 22 November or 29 November to help shape the upcoming series of gatherings of this OC. Hangouts are informal spaces to share ideas, concerns and experiences about social protection in crisis contexts and the linkages with humanitarian assistance. Join us!
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Academic Opportunities
Designing and Implementing Adaptive Social Protection Systems
EPRI | Cape Town | In-person | Apply by 15 December
[Call for papers] The UN SDGs: What progress? What impact? What next?
EADI | Online | Send by 31 December 2023
Job Opportunities
Cash & Livelihood Project Officer – Emergency Response
NRC | Derna | Apply by 25 November 2023
Social Protection Programme Policy Officer, P3
WFP | Dakar | Apply by 26 November 2023
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Child-sensitive social protection in vulnerable settings
It is estimated that 333 million children worldwide live in extreme poverty and around 43 million are displaced. This alarming number demands urgent action from countries. Advancing child-sensitive social protection to safeguard children and their families against economic vulnerability is crucial, especially for those living in fragile settings. Learn about Angola's Valor Criança programme in an exclusive piece; and explore a Pakistani grant that benefits over 1 million children.
Blog of the Month
Valor Criança: Lessons from the first social cash transfer programme for children in Angola—Learn the key findings and recommendations of an impact assessment launched by the Gender-Responsive Age-Sensitive Social Protection (GRASSP) research programme (UNICEF Innocenti, FCDO). This piece summarises the evaluation of the effectiveness of the cash transfer Valor Criança and its outcomes for children and their households.
This blog was especially produced for our November newsletter by Kaku Attah Damoah,
Nyasha Tirivayi, Louise Moreira Daniels,and Kamia Cristina Carvalho Abambres
on behalf of the
Valor Criança Impact Evaluation Team
Browse additional publications on child-sensitive social protection,
curated by the socialprotection.org team.
Programme Profile
Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Temporarily Displaced Persons Emergency Recovery Project | Pakistan—Established in 2015, this cash transfer supports the early recovery of temporarily displaced persons (TPDs) affected by the military crisis. Additionally, it promotes children’s health and the improvement of citizen-centred service delivery in targeted regions. The project is composed of the Early Recovery Package—including the Early Recovery Grant (ERG) and the Livelihood Support Grant (LSG)—and the Child Wellness Grant (CWG). The CWG is provided for children aged 0-2 from both TPD and non-TPD families and is conditional to attendance in Child Wellness Awareness sessions. As of August 2023, the ERG, the LSG, and the CWG had covered, respectively, 213,819; 406,299; and 1,367,299 beneficiary families. Explore the programme profile.
Protecting Children in Humanitarian Settings | Columbia University—Learn about international child protection practices in humanitarian settings. This course examines how children’s environments across different levels, such as family, community and society, influence children’s development and resilience to adversity.
Video: Save the Children implements a Child-Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) project in Somaliland | Save the Children Finland—Established in 2017, this project provides activities for students and teachers, and a monthly child grant to 450 families residing in three camps in Hargeisa. Beneficiaries speak about the project’s impacts on the community and support with healthcare and social protection to mothers and their children. Watch now.
Past Webinar
Agenda 2030: Leave no one behind – Online dialogue on inclusive social protection for displaced children and their families

21 September 2023 
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