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World Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November. In observance of this special date, this month’s newsletter features up-to-date resources on social protection’s key role in ensuring children’s rights. Children are disproportionately likely to live in extreme poverty and far too many suffer from some kind of deprivation—hunger, malnutrition, lack of income, etc.—all of which can have a major impact on their future. Although there has been some progress towards lifting children out of vulnerable situations over the past few years, it is still not nearly enough. In addition, although there is a consensus that expanding and strengthening social protection systems is important for the protection of children, there are still questions regarding how this can be accomplished and which aspects should be prioritised. We hope the following resources can help policymakers and social protection practitioners make inroads into this debate.

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Upcoming event
The MENA Social Policy Network—MENASP (University of Bath, UK) is launching a new four-year (2020-2024) research and public engagement programme, called MENA Social Policy Conflict Prevention (MENASP-CP). The launch will take place in an online event on 2 December 2020. The programme will focus on strengthening security and social welfare in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) using a comparative and interdisciplinary approach. For more information, including on how to register to the event, please, click here!
Blog post
Managing continuity and preparedness of school feeding programmes under COVID-19 and the SSC role
By Bruno Valim Magalhães
Global e-Conference Side event 7 - Impacts of COVID-19 and policy responses in Africa and beyond
By Alejandro Grispun
Economic recovery begins with children (and older people, and people with disabilities): The urge for universal lifecycle cash transfers as a response to COVID-19
By Louise Moreira Daniels
Investing in Child benefits in a COVID-19 World
Development Pathways

Highlighted session of the e-Conference #whatsnextforSP
Universal Child Benefits: Pathways to universality
Featured Online Community

The 'Towards Universal Social Protection for Children' Online Community features research reports, guidance documents and other resources on designing, implementing and expanding cash benefits for children, including documents from the Universal Child Grants conference. Furthermore, the community also serves as a platform for policymakers, practitioners and researchers to share and exchange best practices and ideas around child-sensitive social protection, focusing on universal approaches.

COVID-19 Responses
Our Social Protection Responses to COVID-19 Task Force has ended, but its Online Community remains a valuable tool for policymakers, practitioners and researchers to find and share resources and insights on the social protection responses to the pandemic.

The socialprotection.org team has been updating the community regularly, incorporating suggestions from our members and partners. If you wish to contribute, please contact us through: [email protected]. In this new section of our monthly newsletter, we will feature some of the recent content added to the community.

Access the COVID-19 Online Community for more resources.
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E-voucher Consultant
FAO | Mozambique | Apply by 17 November
Team Leader - FCDO Social Protection Technical Assistance Facility
FCDO | London
Consultancy to Design and Facilitate Decolonizing/TransformingInternational Child Protection
CPC Learning Network | Apply by 30 November