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United Nations Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November each year to bring international awareness to the needs of children with the aim of improving their welfare. This is crucial as children are an especially vulnerable population, while being solely determinant of our future prosperity.

Target 1.3 of SDG 1, 'End poverty in all its forms everywhere', calls for the implementation of nationally appropriate social protection systems and measures for all to achieve substantial coverage of poor and vulnerable populations, including children, by 2030. It urges countries to place children at the centre of poverty reduction efforts and reinforces the need to assess the child-sensitivity of policies. With this in mind, this month’s newsletter showcases social protection content that caters to children.  

This month we share publications that provide valuable insight into social protection targeted at children as well as programmes that foster environments to support their development:
Resilience, humanitarian assistance and social protection for children in Europe and Central Asia (2018)


This brief provides ideas and suggestions to support social protection systems to better prepare, prevent, respond to and recover from crisis and emergencies affecting children and their families.

Overview of Non-contributory Social Protection Programmes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region Through a Child and Equity Lens (2018)

by UNICEF and the IPC-IG
In a context of growing budgetary deficits and fiscal consolidation, MENA countries are reducing subsidies and reallocating some of the savings to cash transfer programmes. This offers a good opportunity to invest in children. See the
programme profiles presented in this publication.

Can Mothers Afford to Work in Poland: Labor Supply Incentives of Social Benefits and Childcare Costs (2018)

by the World Bank Group

Poland has recently introduced a fertility promotion benefit in the 500+ program. It includes a 75% subsidy of typical childcare costs to restore the financial viability of low-paying work for mothers with young children.
Child Sensitive Social Protection (2017)

by the
Global Coalition to End Child Poverty

Children have the right to social security and an adequate standard of living. Social protection is a key investment in building human capabilities, reducing financial barriers that families face in using basic services, and in breaking intergenerational poverty traps.
Can Subsidized Early Child Care Promote Women’s Employment?: Evidence from a Slum Settlement in Africa (2017)

by the
Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID)

Mothers in Kenya are eager to send their children to early child care (ECC). Women given subsidised ECC are over 17% more likely to be employed. This effect is even higher among those who actually use ECC services.

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