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The changing nature of work calls for further reflection on labour policies and social protection. In celebration of International Workers’ Day, check out the thematic section for curated content on the world of work. Additionally, register to participate online in the Global Forum on Adaptive Social Protection, happening from 13-15 June. In addition, don’t miss the latest episode of the Social Protection Podcast on the impacts of active labour market policies. Enjoy your reading!
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GBV Series, Webinar 3 | Preventing violence through cash transfers and cash plus programmes: good practice, useful tools, and evidence

18 May 2023 | 10:00 (GMT+10)
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From Evidence to Action for Children: the Role of Evidence, Research and Knowledge to Strengthen Social Protection Systems in Asia and Pacific

1 June 2023 | 15:30 (GMT+7)
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Social Protection Podcast
Ep. 26 | Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs)—Explore the role of ALMPs in guaranteeing, supporting or even creating income-generation activities, with evidence from Latin America. In addition, learn about the impacts of Indonesia's national skills training scheme, Kartu Prakerja.
GBV Series: Social Protection for Prevention of and Response to Gender-Based Violence | DFAT—This 3-episode series explores the impacts of social protection on GBV. How can programmes be better designed to mitigate and safeguard against GBV? How does social protection address and support victims of GBV?
Global Forum on Adaptive Social Protection: Protecting lives and livelihoods in times of crisis
BMZ, World Bank

13–15 June 2023
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Are governments investing in caring and just economies?
UNFPA, UN Women, OHCHR, Development Pathways (2023)
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Academic Opportunities
Advanced Child Protection Studies
Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences | Online | Apply by 1 July 2023
Designing and Implementing Adaptive Social Protection Systems
EPRI | Bangkok | In-person | Apply by 14 July 2023
Job Opportunities
Programme Officer - Social protection, education and skills (TVET)
European Commission | Baghdad | Apply by 22 May 2023

Consultancy: Scoping Review of state and opportunities for advancing Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection in the Asia Region
Nutrition International | Ottawa | Apply by 22 May 2023
Social protection and labour policies in a fluid world of work
Currently, around two billion informal workers lack adequate social protection coverage, such as social security, health care and unemployment insurance. This is particularly true for unpaid and underpaid care workers, who are predominantly women and girls. Policies that offer support for informal workers, working-age youth and old-age persons are crucial for promoting sustainable development and enabling universal social protection to become a reality worldwide.
Blogs of the Month
Covering the informal economy to achieve universal social protection by Alix Machiels and Maria Aman (ILO)—Discover the highlights of a technical exchange organised by USP2030 and SP&PFM on expanding social protection to workers in the informal economy. This event showcased country experiences on lifting barriers to cover informal workers.
Exploring a fairer and more inclusive social protection paradigm for the world’s informal workers by Laura Alfers and Florian Juergens-Grant (WIEGO)—Despite the expansion of social protection over the last years, substantive coverage gaps remain. How can we tackle the lack of social protection for the world’s two billion informal workers?
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Programme Profile
National Programme for Access to Technical Education and Employment (Programa Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Técnico e Emprego—PRONATEC) | Brazil—PRONATEC is an active labour market programme aiming at increasing the supply of professional and technological education to working-age youth. Participants receive 160 hours of training, in addition to food, transportation and necessary school supplies. In 2020, 90,700 people benefited from PRONATEC. The programme targets youth over 16 years old who are living in poverty and extreme poverty; public middle-school students; and beneficiaries of other nationwide social protection programmes, such as Bolsa Família.
Video: The Role of Social Protection & Jobs in an Aging World | World Bank—Global aging is a triumph of development. However, it brings challenges for governments, individuals, households, communities, and economies. Countries need to address them by adapting policies and programmes to this new reality.