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In the month in which World Labour Day is celebrated, our newsletter explores the links between social protection and employability. This issue also brings our latest content, including webinars, publications, academic and job opportunities! Enrol in a new micro-course on adaptive social protection, exploring data and information. Listen to a new podcast episode on the conflict in Ukraine, and discover resources on work and social protection! Enjoy your reading!
Upcoming Webinars 
Creating the Digital Social Assistance System in Turkey: Integrated Social Assistance Information System (ISAS) 

18 May | 12:00 (GMT)
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Adapting social protection systems to contexts of forced displacement

24 May | 14:00 (GMT+1)
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Enrol in a new free micro-course on Data and Information
socialprotection.org, IPC-IG, GIZ — The second micro-course of the e-Learning series on Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) addresses Data and information systems for shock preparedness and response, and social registries for ASP. The course will be available until 9 June.
Social Protection Podcast
Episode #13 | Social Protection in UkraineAs the conflict in Ukraine continues, the challenge of supporting both the population staying and fleeing the country deepens. In this episode, we talk to specialists who are making the most out of social protection systems to support those in need.
Academic Opportunities
National Conference on Iraq's Ratification of Social Security Convention 102 
AUIB, ILO, Iraq Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs | Deadline: 22/05/20222 

Master of Social Policy
The University of Melbourne | Deadline: 31/05/2022
Job and Internship Opportunities
Project Manager – Social Protection  
ILO | Kigali, Rwanda | Deadline: 24/05//2022 
Consultancy: Provide technical support on Shock-Responsive Social Protection
UNICEF | Baku, Azerbaijan | Deadline: 18/05/2022 
Crisis recovery: employment policies and social protection
Conflicts, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and economic and political instabilities are among the multiple shocks to which everyoneespecially informal workersis exposed to. Coordinating social protection and employment policies can be a way to address socio-economic challenges towards a sustainable and resilient recovery. To delve deeper into this discussion, check out a curated selection of publications, blogs, events and podcast resources! 
Social protection and decent work – harnessing an integrated approach for a human-centred recovery and sustainable by Mira Bierbaum, Veronika Wodsak & Christina Behrendt (ILO) — This blog explores how investing in social protection and employment policies is critical for a more inclusive recovery, decent work and a just transition to environmentally sustainable economies and societies.
This blog was especially produced for the May newsletter
Upcoming Event
Global Youth Unemployment in the MENA Region

25 May 2022 | 13:00 (GMT)
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This event will explore the trajectories and extremes of youth unemployment in the Middle East and North African countries, including gender differences, particularly in the context of the Global Financial Crisis and the responses of the UN and international organisations. 
Access a selection of other publications on labour and social protection,
curated by the socialprotection.org team and partners
Social Protection Podcast
Episode #9 | UBI and the World of Work — Fears around automation and the changing nature of work has fuelled interest in the Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposal. However, the prevailing narrative that welfare makes people less inclined to work could be an obstacle to achieve UBI. 
Also check the episode ‘Covid-19 crisis: opportunities and risks
for extending social protection to informal workers
’ of the ODI Series
Jobs Measurement and Employment Impact Assessment 
ILO — This paid course aims to improve the design and implementation of policies that promote job creation. It should build up the capacity to identify, measure and assess the employment effects of economic, sectoral, trade-related or labour market policies. The course starts on 7 September. 
Social Protection and Jobs Responses to COVID-19: A Real-Time Review of Country Measures (Vol. 2): Global Database
World Bank
This report focuses on the real-time review of country measures in terms of social protection and job responses to COVID-19. As of January 2022, 223 economies have planned or implemented a total of 3,856 social protection and labour measures. 
Programme Profiles
Potenciar Trabajo (Boost Work Programme)  
This programme started in 2020 aiming to improve employment and generate new productive proposals through the development of socio-productive, socio-community, socio-labour projects and educational completion.