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We dedicate May’s issue to the theme of rural poverty, and its connections with social protection. In this context, we share two must-read publications released by our stakeholder members.
We are also pleased to invite you to our webinar on poverty reduction in the rural sector this month.

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This month we share the following publications:
Published by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), this research paper discusses the interactions between social protection, rural transformation and inclusiveness.
Published by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), this paper presents FAO’s vision and approach to social protection, recognizing the critical role social protection plays in advancing food security and nutrition, agriculture development, rural poverty and resilience building.
New blog post on social protection and health
This month, we are happy to announce the second post of the Social Protection and Health blog series, which was shared by Ms. Ana Sojo, Consultant. The blog post in Spanish tackles some of the challenges in the health sector in Latin America region (“Algunos retos del aseguramiento de la salud en América Latina”). This post provides insight into recent issues in social protection and health in Latin America, based on the author’s latest book in Spanish “Protección social en América Latina: la desigualdad en el banquillo”.
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25 May
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New Loan to Boost Rural Incomes in Kosovo, published by the World Bank, on 28 April, 2017.

China Province to Offer Free Maternal Medical Care, Rural Childbirth Subsidies, published by the website womenofchina.cn, on 4 May, 2017.
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In June 
Course: Social Protection as a tool for rural poverty reduction 
Under the continuous partnership with FAO, we are pleased  to announce this online course organised by the Regional Initiative of Small-scale Family Farming from FAO RNE (Regional Office for Near East and North Africa) for a group of invited participants. The overall objective of the course is to build capacity and awareness for experts and policymakers to reduce rural poverty, improve resilience and optimize migration flows through social protection. 
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We have a few tips! ECLAC is looking for a Social Affairs Officer to work in Santiago, Chile, while Mott MacDonald is hiring a Finance Adviser to work in Mozambique. Check out  more vacancies on socialprotection.org's Job Opportunities and Calls for Papers page

Likewise, we invite you to share job opportunities and call for papers in the field of social protection with the platform's specialised community. 
Ambassador Programme
In May, we are pleased to present the new socialprotection.org ambassadors for the Latin American region.We also invite you to visit the Ambassadors’ area of the platform to learn more about the programme.