Leave no one behind: moving the agenda forward


The pledge to ‘leave no one behind’ is a fundamental principle underlying Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Its emphasis on prioritising the welfare of the most disadvantaged groups and reducing group-based inequalities has the capacity to bring about transformative change. Yet five years on from signing this pledge, there is little agreement on how to adapt it into actionable policies. 

Drawing from ODI's upcoming report 'Leave no one behind: five years into Agenda 2030', we examine the core elements of the pledge, how it is affected by Covid-19 and what promising examples of national, regional and international progress are, in turning this pledge into policy. Looking forward, we explore what needs to be done to advance the agenda further. 


  • Besinati Phiri Mpepo – Technical Director, Social Accountability, World Vision International
  • Rachel M. Gisselquist – Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University
  • Martin Evans – Senior Research Fellow, Equity and Social Policy, ODI