World Social Protection Data Dashboards Virtual Launch


In the context of the Agenda 2030 and its SDG framework, countries need to intensify their efforts to improve their national social protection monitoring and evaluation systems. Robust national statistical systems on social protection are a necessary condition to ensure adequate monitoring of progress at the national level. Likewise, the capacity of the international community to track progress on social protection at the global level hinges on the capacity of national statistical systems to produce robust and timely data.

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the great urgency of improving the monitoring of progress in the development of social protection systems. The lack of robust statistical systems, including the scarcity and patchiness of data on coverage gaps to determine which groups are being left behind, as well as on the financing needs associated with addressing such gaps, puts at risk the realization of the policy objectives inscribed in the 2030 Agenda.

This webinar gave greater visibility to the range of social protection tools and data available in the ILO World Social Protection Data Dashboards, and familiarized the potential users with the functionalities of the dashboards. The World Social Protection Data Dashboards provide in-depth country-level statistics on various dimensions of social protection systems, including key indicators of great interest to national policy-makers, officials of international organizations and researchers, including for the monitoring of the SDGs. Data in the ILO World Social Protection Database are compiled through the ILO Social Security Inquiry (SSI), the ILO’s periodic collection of administrative data from ministries of labour, social security, welfare, social development, finance, and others, complemented by existing international and national data sources, notably from the International Social Security Association (ISSA) Social Security Programs Throughout the World country profiles.


Introductory speakers: 
Ms. Shahra Razavi, Director, Social Protection Department, ILO
Marcelo Caetano, Secretary General, International Social Security Association (ISSA)
Rafael Diez de Medina, Director, Department of Statistics, ILO
Fabio Duran, Head, Public Finance, Actuarial and Statistical Services, Social Protection Department, ILO
Valeria Nesterenko, Data Officer on Social Protection, Social Protection Department, ILO
Pedro Conceição, Director, Human Development Report, UNDP
Camila Arza, Senior Researcher, Centro Interdisciplinario Para El Estudio De Politicas Publicas (CONICET/CIEPP) 
Stephen Kidd, Senior Social Policy Specialist, Development Pathways
Ms. Gloria Siaca, Director, National Institute for Social Action, Mozambique
Ms. Chompoopen Sirithorn, Director of Research and Development Division, Social Security Organization, Thailand
Ms. Laura Alfers, Director of Social Protection Programme, WIEGO 
Ms. Shahra Razavi, Director, Social Protection Department, ILO