Women and Peace; State Legitimacy and Service Delivery – Case Studies from Iraq and Sri Lanka

This is the fourth webinar in our newly launched MENASP Webinar Series: Knowledge, Social Policy and People.

This webinar, hosted by Dr Oliver Walton (University of Bath, UK), will feature two speakers talking about peace and conflict. Dr Zeynep Kaya’s (University of Sheffield, UK) talk will discuss findings from a recent research project in Iraq about women’s role in peace and justice processes. Dr Claire McLoughlin’s (University of Birmingham, UK) talk will reflect on the role of service delivery in state legitimation, drawing on the case of Sri Lanka.


Dr Zeynep Kaya is a Lecturer in International Relations in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Sheffield. Her main research areas involve borderlands, territoriality, conflict, peace, political legitimacy and gender.

Dr Claire McLoughlin is a Senior Lecturer in the International Development Department at the University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on the political sociology of vital public service delivery in conflict-affected and divided societies.

The MENASP Network Webinar Series is a monthly virtual webinar (the last Wednesday lunchtime of each month) that acts as a platform for speakers from within the network and external leading thinkers to present their research.

The MENASP Network Webinar Series aims to enable Network members and wider audiences to access new and ground-breaking research on social policy and conflict prevention. The focus of the research should be on the Middle East and North Africa region or lessons from other countries and regions that could help inform social policy and conflict prevention research and policy development in MENA.

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