When to do a Social Protection Systems Review: How can ISPA’s CODI (the Core Diagnostic Instrument) help?

  • When should one carry out a review of the social protection system –to find problems, identify gaps, or when policy is being formulated? 

  • What sort of contexts is a system review appropriate for? 

  • What are the key things to bear in mind before conducting such a task?

  • What if there isn’t enough data? 

  • How can we make sure we get a thorough understanding of the country and its social protection system?

These, and other similar questions, are very common as Social Protection practitioners worldwide consider implementing ISPA tools. In this webinar, we have concentrated on the CODI tool.

CODI, the Core Diagnostic Instrument, is an innovative tool developed by leading experts from international organizations that aims to build a rapid diagnostic of the performance of social protection systems. The tool allows for a comprehensive review of key areas to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a system through a participatory process that engages relevant stakeholders. It is arranged along three modules: policy, program design, and program implementation, and provides entry points for policy dialogue with a set of common and agreed-upon vocabulary, definitions, and framework.

This webinar presented the opportunity to hear more about this tool, the upcoming updates, and pose crucial questions to the ISPA Secretariat. 



Veronika Wodsak, Social Protection Policy Specialist, ILO

Adea Kryeziu, Social Protection Specialist, WB



Veronica Lopez, Social Protection Consultant, WB


This was the thirteenth webinar of the ISPA Tool Series, organised by ISPA.