Webinar Series on Early Childhood Development: Uruguay Grows with You


Policies and strategies aimed at promoting the integral development of children must consider the fundamental role of families in creating healthy, welcoming and stimulating environments. Specific activities, such as accompanying families through home visits, are important for promoting key health and nutrition behaviours, as well as raising awareness of the consequences of shortcomings in early childhood development.

In this context, Uruguay is moving forward with an intersectoral strategy in order to build a Comprehensive Early Childhood Protection System. The aim of this strategy is to guarantee the comprehensive development of children and their families, beginning with the protection of pregnant women from a perspective of rights, equity, gender equality, social justice and comprehensive human development.

This webinar presented the experience of Uruguay with a special focus on its Family Accompaniment activities implemented by the Uruguay Crece Contigo (Uruguay Grows With You – UCC) Program. It is a socio-educational work of accompaniment on the part of a pair of professionals of the area of health and the social area. The professionals agree with the families on periodic visits by a maximum time of 10 months. The work begins at home, with the strengthening of child-rearing practices, the link with the State health care services, with the increase of pregnancy controls or controls of small children living at home. Access to necessary State benefits is also being worked on.

From 2012 to December 2018, the Family Accompaniment Program has accompanied 31,000 children under the age of 4 and pregnant women, reaching a total of 71,000 people by including the entire family nucleus with which they work.


Valeria Gradín, Director of the Division Territories to Grow, Uruguay Grows with You, Ministry of Social Development (MIDES)

Verónica Pandolfo, Director of the Division of Universal Early Childhood Benefits and Care, Ministry of Social Development (MIDES)


Gabriel Corbo, Director of the Early Childhood Area, National Integrated Care System of Uruguay


Nora Sieverding, German Development Cooperation / GIZ


This webinar was the third of the Webinar Series on Early Childhood Development, which was organised by GIZ and the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) of Uruguay.