Virtual Workshop of Specialists Towards solidarity-based and sustainable non-contributory pension systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

The expansion of non-contributory pension systems has been a significant milestone in Latin America and the Caribbean, being one of the leading public policy innovations that has contributed to the strengthening of social protection systems in the region. In the last two decades, the coverage of these systems has increased significantly, from covering 3.4% of the population aged 65 and over, around one million people in 2000, to 26.6% in 2021, reaching 16.1 million older persons in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This virtual workshop of specialists seeks to debate among regional experts the issues related to the opportunities and challenges for advancing in the consolidation of non-contributory pension systems from a solidarity and sustainability approach. Through the dialogue and exchange that will be fostered in this space, it is hoped to contribute to the regional debate on the challenges that countries face in making progress in the implementation of these systems, expanding their coverage and levels of sufficiency, as well as the mechanisms for guaranteeing their financial sustainability. It will also address the institutional and design challenges of these systems to make progress in eradicating extreme poverty and poverty in old age and a sustained reduction of inequalities. With solidarity at the centre, the options for moving towards increasingly integrated contributory and non-contributory systems will also be discussed.