Using GRMs to Enhance the Delivery of Social Protection Programmes


Adopted in 2018, the Malawi National Social Support Programme (MNSSP II) reflects the Government of Malawi’s commitment towards reducing poverty and vulnerability for its population. Building on previous experience, the MNSSP II seeks to streamline and strengthen the existing system of social protection with a view to achieving better results.  

Promoting transparency and accountability through Grievance and Redress Mechanisms (GRM) is recognized as a critical tool to drive the success of social protection programmes around the world. Taking this into consideration, in 2020 the Government of Malawi developed the Harmonized GRM Handbook for social protection programmes that fall under the MNSSP II. The Handbook serves to guide programme participants through the process of resolving complaints and misunderstandings amongst beneficiaries and it has been successful in fulfilling this role. However, there are still lessons to be learnt on how to build and implement a well-functioning harmonized system in a coordinated and cost-effective manner.  

As part of the ongoing implementation of the mid-term review of the MNSSP II, programme stakeholders will explore new ways to improve the existing GRMs so that it enhances the outcomes of each initiative within the MNSSP II. This webinar provided a platform for social protection experts to share regional experiences on social accountability approaches, focusing on best practices for the implementation of GRMs. The objective was to gather ideas to inform further enhancements/ developments for the GRMs of the MNSSP II. 



Nana Adwoa Twum-Danso, Consultant from the Helpline of Hope at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection

Benson Laurent Kansinjiro, Deputy Director of Social Welfare from the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare

Abid Gulzar, Senior Inclusive Governance Advisor from CARE International

Davies Madalitso Luhanga, Social Development Specialist from the World Bank


Government of Malawi Representatives 

Patricia Zimpita, Director from the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development

Bessie Msusa, Chief Economist from the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development 


Moderator: Anthony Land, Independent Consultant