Turkey’s Integrated Social Assistance Services System Webinar


The webinar was supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Oxford Policy Management and Development Pathways, and hosted by socialprotection.org.

The following were addressed:

* What is Turkey’s Integrated Social Assistance System (ISAS)?

* Why was the system developed (objectives)?

* Background and timeline: how has this work taken shape?

* How does ISAS work (e.g. how is data collected, updated and used)?

* What benefits has it brought about? What type of integration?

* What were the challenges and limitations faced and how were these tackled?

* Considerations for the Future

* Practical demonstration of the system

* Key lessons for other countries

* Q&A

Presentations and related content are available for download on the Single Registries and Integrated MISs for Social Protection Online Community. Community members are also be able to submit comments and questions concerning the webinar to the webinar panelists. To join the Online Community and stay up-to-date on this and future knowledge sharing initiatives, become a member of socialprotection.org.


- Mustafa Sencer Kiremitci (Social policy expert, Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policy)

- Çağlar Çinar (Social policy expert, Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policy


- Richard Chirchir (Senior MIS Specialist, Development Pathways)


- Valentina Barca (Consultant, Oxford Policy Management)