SPII BIG Website Launch

SPII is happy to invite you to the launch of their Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) Website from 1pm to 1h30pm on Wednesday the 17th of November 2021. This website has been in the making for several months and is, at its core, a reflection of what a BIG would mean to South Africans that need it most. The website has been developed to act as a collection of all things BIG – from emerging evidence-based research on the BIG to ordinary South Africans’ testimonies of how a BIG could potentially change their lives, etc. As such, the website places a key emphasis on giving voice to ordinary South Africans in order to effectively advocate for a BIG for all people and by all people, including civilians and politicians as opposed to merely academics and policymakers alone.

SPII is honoured to be sharing this exciting development with you and hope that you will give half an hour of your time to attend the launch of the website on Wednesday 17 November 2021 from 1pm to 1h30pm.