Social Protection for Refugee Adolescents/Youth in Jordan and Palestine

This is the third webinar in our MENASP Webinar Series: Knowledge, Social Policy and People, Winter/Spring 2022 season. In this webinar, Dr Rana Jawad (University of Bath) will host Dr Nicola Jones (Overseas Development Institute, UK) and Dr Bassam Abu Hamad (AlQuds University, Palestine) to talk about their work on the GAGE report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on refugee adolescents in both Jordan and Palestine and the social protection measures offered to them, drawing on data gathered before and after the pandemic.

The MENASP Network Webinar Series aims to enable Network members and wider audiences to access new and ground-breaking research on social policy and conflict prevention. The focus of the research should be on the Middle East and North Africa region or lessons from other countries and regions that could help inform social policy and conflict prevention research and policy development in MENA.