Shock Responsive Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean: recent regional experiences


Recording of the webinar that continues the series on Shock Responsive Social Protection. Organised by the Oxford Policy Management, OPM and hosted by, this session addressed how Latin American and Caribbean countries have been improving emergency preparedness and response through more flexible national social protection systems. It was based on recent evidence from across five case study countries (Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Peru) and further research on the region, performed by Oxford Policy Management in collaboration with the World Food Programme.



Rodolfo Beazley, Oxford Policy Management, OPM

Francesca De Ceglie, World Food Programme, WFP



Valentina Barca, Oxford Policy Management, OPM


This webinar was the fifth of the Shock-responsive Social Protection Series, which was organized by OPM. Please join the Social protection in crisis contexts online community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.