Reimagining Bhutan - Building Forward Better Beyond COVID (Series 4)

The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that the mere existence of a social protection system is not enough to protect populations from shocks and crises. Rather, its design should deliberately ensure inclusiveness, sustainability and shock-responsiveness.
Chime Paden Wangdi, Secretary General of Tarayana Foundation will sit down with Dr. Sanga Dorji, a Physiotherapist with the National Referral Hospital and Rehabilitation Specialist with the Disabled Persons Association of Bhutan, Leki Wangmo, Director of Investment Department, National Pension and Provident Fund and Tshering Dolkar, Interim Executive Director of RENEW, for a live conversation on possible transformational policy choices and investments that can and must be made to bolster Bhutan’s social protection system.
Dr. Stephen Kidd, an internationally renowned expert in social protection, will share global perspectives and recommendations for Bhutan. Dr. Kidd is currently a Senior Social Protection Specialist at Development Pathways in London and has worked in more than 30 countries.