Preventing violence through cash transfers and cash plus programmes: good practice, useful tools, and evidence


Social protection can be a key tool for responding to violence through prevention and response mechanisms. Not only can social protection play a role in ensuring that survivors can get the services and support they need, but it can play a protective role during key points of vulnerability to poverty and violence, such as during emergencies and at points of increased risk across the lifecycle. As an example, during adolescence, social protection and plus services and prevention programs can address risks of early marriage and pregnancy. Cash payments and other interventions have been shown to be beneficial during pregnancy and the first 1000 days of a child’s life, to address nutrition needs and household economic stress, hence contributing to a reduction in violence.

This webinar explored how cash transfers, cash plus programmes, and in-kind services can contribute to gender equality, we examined how and if they can protect women and children from violence. Tools to support good design of programs, case studies, and good practice models were showcased, our experts were invited to reflect further and share their knowledge and learnings related to this topic.

The webinar highlighted emerging evidence of ‘what works’ and advocated for further thinking and multisectoral service delivery in this space including increasing knowledge and evidence in this area.



Andrea Rossi, Regional Adviser Social Policy and Economic Analysis - East Asia and Pacific, UNICEF 

Alessandra Heinemann, Senior Social Protection Specialist and Gender Lead in the Global Practice for Social Protection and Jobs, World Bank 

Amber Peterman, Research Associate Professor in the Department of Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lara Wood Gladwin, Branch Manager, Families and Safety Branch, Social Policy, NIAA

Catherine Orchard, Senior Adviser, Women’s Leadership and Gender Equality Section, Families and Safety Branch, Social Policy, NIAA



Felicity O'Brien, Assistant Director, Social Protection, DFAT




DFAT, in collaboration with FCDO, UNICEF, and STAAR, and with the support from the platform, is organizing a webinar and podcasts series on gender-based violence entitled 'Social Protection for Prevention of and Response to Gender-Based Violence (GBV)'. This series will take place from February to May and will explore how social protection can both mitigate against gender-based violence over the life course providing a protective measure, ensuring that delivery chains have been assessed for and address safeguarding risks and support survivors of violence meet their immediate needs.