Linking humanitarian cash and social protection – ECHO’s vision and practical examples from Somalia and Jordan


The benefits of social protection and humanitarian actors working together in different ways across the “nexus” are well-recognised. In order to address the wide range of needs (in the last year, often pandemic-related), and particularly those of a socio-economic nature, the use of cash has been the response of choice for governments expanding their social protection systems as well as for humanitarian actors in a range of sectors.

This webinar, which was structured as a panel discussion, provided the opportunity to hear from one of the world’s leading humanitarian donors – the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) – and partners in relation to implementing its vision for linking humanitarian cash and social protection in two different contexts. The expert speakers have provided insights into two different mechanisms that are being adopted in order to forge these linkages.

Isabelle Pelly (DG ECHO) provided a brief overview of DG ECHO’s policy framework (which includes the EU Humanitarian Aid Communication Nexus commitments; the SPaN initiative; and key elements of the soon-to-be-published DG ECHO cash thematic policy on linking humanitarian cash and social protection). Then Quentin Le Gallo (DG ECHO) and Alessandro Bini from the Somali Cash Consortium shed light on ongoing approaches to developing and strengthening Shock-Responsive Social Protection (SRSP) systems in Somalia. Massimo La Rosa (DG ECHO), Manuel Rodriguez Pumarol (UNICEF), and Meredith Byrne (ILO) discussed linking humanitarian cash transfers to social protection (including SRSP) and employment for national and forcibly displaced populations in Jordan.



Isabelle Pelly – DG ECHO – Global Thematic Expert on Cash and Basic Needs

Quentin Le Gallo – DG ECHO - Technical Assistant for Somalia

Alessandro Bini - Director - The Somalia Cash Consortium

Massimo La Rosa – DG ECHO - Global Thematic Adviser Migration, Forced Displacement & Social Protection

Manuel Rodriguez Pumarol – UNICEF Jordan - Chief of Social Protection and Policy

Meredith Byrne, Regional Programme Technical Officer  – ILO Jordan


Facilitator: Lois Austin – GB Sub-Group KML Consultant

Moderator: Nupur Kukrety - UNICEF - Policy Specialist


This webinar was part of the Linking Social Protection with humanitarian cash webinar series, of the Grand Bargain Cash Sub Group on linking social protection and humanitarian cash transfers co-led by UNICEFIFRC, and FCDO