ISPA tools and their role to support countries to produce well-informed, rapid diagnostics of their social protection systems


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Recording of the webinar "The Interagency Social Protection (ISPA) tools and their role to support countries to produce well-informed, rapid diagnostics of their social protection systems", hosted by the platform on 9 March 2017.

In recent years, a group of developing partners (international organizations and governments, led by WBG and ILO) have agreed on a joint analytical framework to support countries in developing rapid diagnostics of their social protection systems, programs and delivery mechanisms: the ISPA tools.

Providing a unified set of definitions, outcome metrics and performance criteria, the ISPA tools are practical instruments that allow countries to identify strengths and weaknesses of social protection systems and programs. The diagnostic enables governments to identify a set of entry policy options based on global best practices. The tools are also accompanied by a detailed set of implementation guidelines providing advice on how to best organize the tool application through a cross-sectoral and participatory process that maximizes the results.

As of today, ISPA has finalized work on four tools:

1. Core Diagnostic Instrument (CODI): to produce a rapid diagnostic of the SP System in a comprehensive way,

2. Social Protection Public Works Programs: to conduct assess social protection public worksprograms,

3.Identification Systems for Social protection: to analyze ID systems, with a view to their optimal use in implementing social protection programs and

4. Social Protection Payments that provides to assess payment mechanisms for the delivery of cash or near-cash social protection transfers primarily targeted at poor and vulnerable populations. 

ISPA partners are currently working on developing more tools to respond to countries needs and demands and help them to move from fragmented to harmonized SP systems. A tool that allows the assessment of Social Protection Policy Options (SPPOT) and one that analyses Food Security and Nutrition will be available shortly. All ISPA tools are in a free and publicly platform ( and can be used by government officials, consultants, and researchers with experience in the social protection field. 

Join us for a webinar discussion to learn about ISPA tools and how they can support your work on building coherent social protection systems. 

Webinar Agenda: 
10:00 am 7 Key Questions when applying ISPA tools: 
Who, What, Why, When, Where, How, How Much? (Veronika Wodsak, ISPA Coordination Team ILO, Geneva) 
10:30 am Questions from the audience 
11.00 am End of Webinar


This webinar was the third of the ISPA Tool Series, which was organized by ISPA. Please join the ISPA Social Protection Payment Delivery Online Community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.