The ISPA Tool: How to use the tool for successful delivery of social protection payments?


This is the recording of  the third webinar of the ISPA tool Webinar Series. The ISPA tools are a set of practical tools that help countries improve the performance of their SP systems, programs and delivery mechanisms by analyzing strengths and weaknesses, identifying options for further development. Learn more @ 


Webinar schedule: 

9.00   Introduction 
9.10   Quick background on ISPA and the payments tool and the general process how the tool is applied 
9.20   Supporting environment for SP Payments 
9.40   Questions and answers 
9.55   Assessment of payment delivery 
10.15 Questions and answers 
10.30 End of webinar


  • HARISH NATARAJAN (Lead Financial Sector Specialist, WGB)
  • CAROLINE PULVER (Financial Inclusion & Payments Expert, WBG Consultant)
  • QUANITA KHAN (G2P Payments Expert, WBG Consultant)


  • SILVIA BAUR (Development Economist, CGAP)


This webinar was the third of the ISPA Tool Series, which was organized by ISPA. Please join the ISPA Social Protection Payment Delivery Online Community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.