Harnessing Social Protection to Address Violence Against Women and Girls


This session offered Spanish interpretation.

The COVID-19 crisis has underlined the need for greater coordination between social protection systems and services aimed at GBV prevention and response. While emerging evidence signals that well-designed cash transfer programs hold significant potential for reducing intimate partner violence by reducing poverty-related stressors, the possibilities for social protection to purposefully address GBV go far beyond that. The multi-dimensional nature of the COVID-19 crisis and the current socio-economic headwinds facing countries threatens to erode many years of progress on poverty alleviation, gender equality, and economic development. With the significant increases in social protection expenditure over the last 2 years, it is important that as these systems are developed and scaled up, there are explicit linkages established between social protection and violence prevention with corresponding investments to realize their ambition.  

Through examining recent research, evidence, and program examples, the webinar sought to explore how social protection can be leveraged to mitigate gender-based violence. Evidence is showing that well designed social protection and cash plus programs can provide a protective measure against violence when delivery chains have been assessed for and address safeguarding risks at all points of the social protection eco system. It can also be leveraged to reduce overall household and individual financial stress as one of the drivers of violence. Social protection can play a role in providing vital and timely support to survivors of violence to meet their immediate needs in escaping violence. 



Framing discussion - Leveraging social protection programs to address violence - DFAT  Sarah Goulding, Assistant Secretary, Gender Branch, DFAT  

Recent research on COVID-19 and violence – Michele Robinson, Director Evidence to Action ANROWS  

Findings of scoping exercise for UN Women by Ladysmith - Dr Tara Patricia Cookson, Co-founder and Director of Research  

Emerging practice: Cash plus examples linking cash and service - Argentina’s Acompañar Programme: linking cash and service - Beatriz Claudia Perugino, Coordinator of the Programa Acompañar of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity of Argentina.  

Closing remarks - UN Women’s Ending Violence Against Women Section Chief– Kalliope Mingeirou 


Moderator: ANROWS CEO Padma Raman PSM



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