Graduation Programs in the Context of Resettlement and Displacement


This webinar will explore the integration of the Graduation approach (also referred to as economic inclusion or cash plus) in the context of project-induced resettlement and forced displacement.

The webinar will present the main findings from ADB’s experience in integrating the approach with resettlement planning under development projects. While there is a growing database on Graduation programs globally, there is little research on the application of the Graduation approach in project-induced resettlement contexts. To fill this gap, the webinar will discuss the specific vulnerabilities that arise as a result of resettlement and assess how the Graduation Approach can help address them. Specifically, it will draw on lessons from the integration of the Graduation Approach in resettlement planning and implementation under two ADB projects – the Malalos-Clark railway project in the Philippines and the Inclusive, Resilient, and Sustainable Housing for Urban Poor Sector Project in Tamil Nadu, India.  

Finally, the webinar will consider if the Graduation Approach can potentially render successful outcomes in the contexts of forced displacement. Specifically, it will discuss what additional vulnerabilities are engendered by forced displacement as a result of conflict and violence and if the Graduation model can address such vulnerabilities.

The webinar aims to:

  • share the lessons from ADB’s experience widely
  • identify benefits and shortcomings of using the Graduation Approach to support people resettled due to development projects
  • draw implications for using the Graduation Approach in the contexts of forced displacement



Palak Rawal, Social Development Specialist, ADB, Framing the Approach

Maria Benilda "Chi" Redaja, Team Leader, Malalos-Clark Project, Philippines case study

Ricardo Barba, Principal Safeguards Specialist, ADB, India Tamil Nadu case study

Aude de Montesquiou, FinEquity Community of Practice Facilitator, CGAP

Shoshana Hecker, Senior Director of Refugee Affairs, Trickle Up

Moderator: Bob Babajanian, Social Development Specialist (Social Protection), ADB