Global Youth Unemployment in the MENA Region

This is the fifth webinar in our MENASP Webinar Series: Knowledge, Social Policy and People, Winter/Spring 2022 season.

In this webinar, Prof Nicola Yeates and Prof Ross Fergusson (The Open University, UK) explore the trajectories and extremes of youth unemployment in selected Middle East and North African countries over 28 years to 2019, including gender differences, particularly in the context of the Global Financial Crisis and the responses of UN and other international organisations to its distinctive impacts.

Nicola Yeates is Professor of Social Policy and Ross Fergusson is Professor of Social Policy and Youth Policy, both at the Open University, UK. Nicola’s primary research interests are on transnationalisation and globalisation as social processes, together with their impacts on, and implications for, social policy and welfare. Ross’s research interests are in the trajectories of disadvantaged young people and in youth unemployment, especially internationally, including the influence of International Organisations in these fields

Nicola and Ross’s joint research publications over the last decade highlight how transnational economic, social and governance structures drive national and international responses to youth unemployment.

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