Gender Sensitive Social Protection Design: What Works in Asia?


Recording of the webinar dedicated to "Gender Sensitive Social Protection Design: What Works in Asia?" hosted by the platform on 6 October, 2016. The webinar is the third webinar of the Gender-Sensitive Social Protection Webinar Series, which is a joint initiative of the IPC-IG and FAO and it presented how a gender perspective can be considered and integrated into the design phase of social protection interventions. Drawing on existing examples from the Asian region, the webinar ilustrates what gender-sensitive social protection design entails practically and what opportunities and challenges exist for programmers while designing gender-sensitive programmes. 

Presenter: Anna Minj (Director, BRAC) 
Presenter: Rebecca Holmes (Research Fellow, Social Protection Programme, the Overseas Development Institute, ODI) 
Discussant: Deepta Chopra (Research Fellow, the Institute of Development Studies/IDS)


This webinar was the third of the Gender-Sensitve Social Protection Series, which was organized by IPC-IG and FAO. Please join the Gender-Sensitive Social Protection Community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.