Food Security and Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection: What do we know and where to go next?


An expert discussion on the occasion of the annual training on Designing and Implementing Social Protection Systems in Thailand from 21 October – 1 November 2019.

Over the last years, the World Food Programme (WFP) has commissioned several studies exploring social protection’s contribution to food security and nutrition. These cross-regional studies have aimed to contribute with new evidence, sound policy analysis and recommendations to the efforts of governments to strengthen the synergies between poverty, hunger and malnourishment reduction interventions. Particularly, when in-country interventions are separately put in place to achieve substantial reductions on these fronts and social protection is identified with the potential to support those synergies.

The first webinar on food security and nutrition-sensitive social protection convened by the WFP showcased its joint work with the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI), Maastricht University and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) identifying the key challenges and opportunities faced in the Middle East, Central Asia and North, East and Southern African regions. By briefly doing a stocktaking exercise of the studies produced and available to the general public, the speakers have done a comparative analysis of the global challenges and the nuances per regions to promote the food security and nutrition-sensitivity of social protection interventions. The discussion further identified best practices, lessons learned and as a conclusion, denoted the implications for policy and practice as well as the lines of research and inquiry that are left open.


Dr. Michael Samson - Director of Research, Economic Policy Research Institute

Dr. Stephen Devereux - Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (Sussex)

Prof. Dr Franziska Gassmann - Professor in Social Protection and Development, UNU-MERIT/Maastricht Graduate School of Governance


Juan Gonzalo Jaramillo Mejia - Social Protection Programme Policy Officer, World Food Programme