Findings from a Social Protection System Diagnostic: Experience in Uzbekistan using CODI


CODI is an innovative tool developed by leading experts from international organizations that aims to build a rapid diagnostic of the performance of social protection systems. The tool allows for a comprehensive assessment of key areas to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a system through a participatory process that engages relevant stakeholders.

The report “Assessment of the social protection system in Uzbekistan” was prepared by a joint team from the International Labour Organization, UNICEF, and the World Bank based on CODI. The report provides a review of the social protection system in the country, including an inventory of Uzbekistan’s main social protection programmes as well as an analysis of their appropriateness, effectiveness, responsiveness, and cost-efficiency, and their fiscal and financial sustainability. The report, published in 2020, identified the main strengths and weaknesses of the system and offered recommendations on strengthening the social protection system with the aim to inform the fast-moving reform of programmes.

This webinar went in-depth on how the tool was adapted to fit the country’s context, some of the key findings, and a look into the social protection system after the exercise was completed in 2020. 



Marina Novikova, Social Protection Specialist, WB

Adea Kryeziu, Social Protection Specialist, WB


Moderator: Veronica Lopez, Social Protection Consultant, WB


This was the fourteenth webinar of the ISPA Tool Series, which is organised by ISPA.