Enhancing the impact of social protection programs on food security and nutrition


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Social protection programs have been at the forefront of the responses implemented around the world to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Programs such as cash transfers, in-kind vouchers, and food distribution schemes have prevented a steeper rise in poverty and hunger than would have occurred in the absence of these programs. As countries seek to rebuild their economies and recover the ground lost during the pandemic, they will need to ensure their investment in social programs effectively reach their intended outcomes.  

To support governments in improving the food security and nutritional outcomes of social programs, FAO, in collaboration with partners, has developed the Inter-Agency Social Protection Assessment Tool for food security and nutrition (ISPA-FSN Tool). Its main objective is to support national and subnational governments in assessing how social protection programs can be harnessed to improve FSN outcomes. 

The webinar launched and presented an overview of the ISPA-FSN Tool, and discussed the experience and lessons drawn from implementing it at country level. The aim of the webinar was to make the Tool known to a wide audience and encourage its uptake and application. Experts from government and international organizations have shared their insights and offered useful lessons to other countries interested in using the Tool to inform the design of their social protection programs.



Alejandro Grinspun, Senior Economist, FAO

Veronica Wodsak, Social Protection Policy Specialist, ILO

Ahmed Raza, Nutrition and Food Systems Officer, FAO 

Luke Harman, Senior Social Protection Advisor, Save the Children 

Hasan Ashqar, Director General of Planning and Policies, Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Palestine

Farid Selmi, Nutrition and Resilience Specialist in Cambodia, GiZ   

Ms. Reveca Chávez, Head of Studies and Dissemination of the Research Directorate of the VPS-MDS, Paraguay

Andrea Spray, Nutrition Consultant, World Bank

Patrizia Fracassi, Senior Nutrition and Food Systems Officer, FAO 



Maya Takagi, Regional program leader for FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, FAO



  • Alejandro Grinspun, FAO – opening remarks (5 min)
  • Veronika Wodsak, ILO – Brief overview of the ISPA tools (5-7 min)
  • Ahmed Raza, FAO – Presentation of the FSN ISPA tool (15 min)

 Round table (30 min)

  • Maya Takagi, FAO – moderator and discussant
  • Reveca Chávez, MDS, Paraguay
  • Hasan Ashqar, MAG, Palestine 
  • Farid Selmi, GiZ Cambodia
  • Luke Harman, Save the Children
  • Andrea Spray, WB

Q&A session (30 min) – Maya moderate

Patrizia Fracassi, FAO – closing remarks (5 min)


This is the fifteenth webinar of the ISPA Tool Series, organised by ISPA, in collaboration with partners.