Economic inclusion and Covid-19 response


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The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic is not a great equalizer – the poor and vulnerable are far worse hit. The third webinar in PEI's economic inclusion series explored how economic inclusion programs can help the extreme poor and vulnerable increase incomes, build assets and grow their resilience in the face of the current pandemic, and its economic aftershocks. 

This interactive webinar discussed some unfolding adaptations and early priorities in economic inclusion programs in response to COVID-19. The session featured first-hand country experiences from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Panama. 



Puja Vasudeva Dutta, Partnership for Economic Inclusion, World Bank

Gebre-Meskel Challa Motalo, Government of Ethiopia

Lauren Whitehead, BRAC USA

Virginia Barreiro, Government of Panama

Onelia Peralta, Government of Panama



Aude de Montesquiou, Social Protection Specialist, Partnership for Economic Inclusion, World Bank


This is the third webinar of the Economic Inclusion Learning Series. The webinar series, organised by the World Bank Group Social Protection and JobsPartnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI)SPEC, is designed based on peer-to-peer learning from diverse experiences from countries moving economic inclusion programs to scale.