Development Talks: Universal Social Protection and Resilience throughout the Life-Cycle

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Social protection is a human right as well as an effective tool for poverty reduction.  Therefore, there is a strong imperative to expand social protection coverage to reach the vision of universal social protection and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals including to “leave no one behind”. Some examples of social protection throughout the life-cycle include child benefits, pensions and parental leave. It is also an indispensable measure for protecting people against large-scale shocks, such as pandemics, conflicts and climate change.

While social protection has significantly expanded in recent years, substantial gaps and challenges remain. A majority of the world’s population, especially in low and middle income countries, are not covered by social protection. There is a lack of support systems for older persons and people living with disabilities, an exclusion of workers in the informal economy, and poor linkages to systems for health and nutrition.

Against this background, the COVID-19 crisis serves as a wake-up call and a road map for accelerating efforts to strengthen social protection. How can social protection build resilience and create opportunities throughout the life-cycle? How can social protection contribute to preventing and responding to shocks, and subsequently reduce humanitarian needs? This webinar will explore global perspectives on social protection as well as country-level examples from Kenya.

Opening remarks
Ulf Källstig, Head of Department for Africa, Sida
Shahra Razavi, Director of Social Protection Department, ILO

Panel discussion
Stefanie Bitengo, Programme Coordinator at the National Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya
Natalia Winder Rossi, Director of Social Policy and Social Protection, UNICEF
True Schedvin, Head of Unit for Economic Development, Sida
Laura Alfers, Director of Social Protection Programme, WIEGO
David Lambert Tumwesigye, Global Advocacy Manager, Child Poverty, Save the Children

Closing remarks
Britta Olofsson, Senior Advisor for Social Protection, Sida
Pontus Korsgren, Program Advisor for Social Protection, Sida

Moderator: Sarah Thomsen, Lead Policy Specialist in Health and SRHR, Sida 

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