CoP SSC4C Thematic webinar: How South-South Cooperation contributes to achieving the SDG 6 of ensuring access of all to clean water and sanitation?


The Community of Practice on South-South Cooperation for Children (CoP-SSC4C) organised its first thematic webinar on SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation, with a focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). It has provided an opportunity for members of the Community to come together and share good practices in WASH and to discuss how WASH solutions are shared globally and scaled-up through South-South cooperation. The webinar brought together panellists from the Government of Brazil, UNICEF’s office in Ethiopia and UNICEF headquarters. They have shared their experience and insight in promoting South-South cooperation, how SSC contributes to advancing WASH objectives and how SSC advances the SDGs.

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Samuel Godfrey, WASH Chief, Water Supply Section, Addis Ababa  

Irene Amongin, WASH Specialist, Water and Sanitation Section, UNICEF NYHQ 

Anna Maria Graziano, Project Manager, The Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC)

Mário Augusto Parente Monteiro, State Regulation Agency of Ceará, Brazil


Niklas Stephan, Project Officer, Social Policy M&E Section, UNICEF Brazil

Martha Santos, Programme Manager, UNICEF NYHQ 

Nawra Mehrin, Policy Analyst, UNOSSC NYHQ 


Ian Thorpe, Chief, Knowledge Exchange, UNICEF NYHQ 


This webinar was the first of the CoP-SSC4C Webinar Series, which was organised by UNICEF, IPC-IG and UNOSSC. Please join the Community of Practice on SSC for Children (CoP-SSC4C) if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.