Building rapid diagnostics of social protection systems: the experience of applying CODI in Belize


Recording of the webinar "The experience of applying CODI in Belize" from 13th July 2017.

This webinar was a presentation on the process of initiation, implementation, results, reception and usefulness of a recent application of the ISPA CODI tool in Belize. 

Presenters: Ilija Talev, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Belize;  Thomas Otter, Director ECI (International Consultant).

Moderator: Almudena Fernandez, Policy Specialist, UNDP.

For more information on the CODI tool please visit:

This webinar was the seventh of the ISPA Tool Series, which was organized by ISPA. Please join the ISPA Social Protection Payment Delivery Online Community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.