The Bolsa Familia Program: Access to and Dissemination of Information


How do you guarantee information being delivered to more than 50 million people? With Bolsa Familia being the largest conditional cash transfer programme of the developing world, communication between government and beneficiaries has been a challenge for over 13 years. The task is not only to avoid misinformation, but to ensure access to rights for around 14 million households in 5,7 thousand municipalities.

The webinar took place in English on 12 July, 10:00 - 11:00 (Brasilia time, UTC/GMT-03:00), addressing the communications strategy of the Bolsa Familia Program on a “how-to” basis:

- Communication tools
- New technologies
- Legal framework
- Intergovernmental relations
- Intersectoral coordination

The webinar highlighted the continuous development of the program. Bolsa Familia was only allocated specific budgetary resources for communications activities after 10 years. Even so, access to information is a necessity that has been addressed since its implementation in 2003.

Social control and participation, two founding principles of the program guaranteed by law, were the second focus of the webinar. Social control allows Brazilians to oversee the actions of public authorities and social participation is aimed at allowing a dialogue between civil society and the government in public policy decision-making.


12 JULY 2016

10:00 Brasilia (UTC/GMT-03:00)
9:00 Washington DC (UTC/GMT-04:00)
14:00 Londres (UTC/GMT+01:00)
16:00 Nairobi (UTC/GMT+03:00)
18:30 New Delhi (UTC/GMT+05:30)


This webinar was the first of The Brazilian Experience on Social Protection Programmes Series, which was organized by WWP. Please join the Country Dialogue on Social Protection Community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.