Survey: New Developments

06 December, 2017 to 14 December, 2017

[This survey is closed]

It has been two years since the launch of We are excited to share the platform is now embarking on a new development phase. By introducing new features and improving existing ones, we aim to deliver a more interactive and user-friendly interface that facilitates knowledge sharing on social protection. 

We therefore kindly ask for your cooperation in identifying improvements to the platform, by answering this short survey. Please, note that none of the questions are mandatory. 

Thank you!


This survey is no longer available. In case of doubts please contact our team at [email protected]
Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
1. Browsing on the site is enjoyable, intuitive and easy to navigate:
2. The colors, fonts and font sizes are pleasant
3. I need to click only a couple of times to reach my area of interest in the platform