Ambassadors Programme 2020 Final Survey

10 July, 2020 to 14 August, 2020

Dear Ambassadors,


We would like to know your thoughts on Ambassadors Programme and help us to improve our next editions. 

Thanks. Your feedback is very important to us!


This survey is no longer available. In case of doubts please contact our team at [email protected]
Very poorPoorNeutralGoodVery good
How would you rate the information you received when the Programme started?
I did not access itVery unhelpfulUnhelpfulHelpfulVery helpful
E-mail information
Webinar Training
Online Community
Totally disagreeDisagreeNeutralSomewhat agreeTotally agree
The time given was enough to write each blog
The time given was enough to share content on social media
Too shortShortAppropriateLongToo long
How would you rate the Programme's overall duration?
Very difficultDifficultNeutralEasyVery easy
Working on a publish plan
Sharing content on social media
Writing Blogs on social protection topics
Very badBadNeutralGoodVery good
How would you rate the team's feedback for your blogs?
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
The Programme helped me gain more knowledge on social protection
The Programme was advantageous to my career
The UNV certificate will be useful to my career