Ep. 30 | Impacts of Social Protection

This September marks the eighth anniversary of socialprotection.org, and we are celebrating across the platform by looking at social protection and its impacts.

This episode features a wide-ranging discussion on this theme, what we know about what social protection can do and how that evidence has influenced policy, practice and the global spread of ideas to shape the sector into what it is today.

In the Quick Wins segment, we preview our Humans of Social Protection series, in which people who benefit from social protection programmes tell their own stories of how they have impacted their lives.

Meet our guests:

  • Rebecca Holmes, Senior Research Associate in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, ODI; Senior Consultant, STAAR.
  • Ben Olken, Professor of Economics, MIT; Director and Co-Chair, J-PAL.

For the Quick Wins segment:

  • Mary Imbong, Ambassador, socialprotection.org


Quick Wins