Ep. 17 | Social protection as an SDG accelerator

In this episode, we are talking about social protection and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent triple crisis of food, energy and finance have set back progress towards the SDGs. Social protection is seen as an SDG accelerator that can contribute to many, even most of the SDG targets from ending poverty and hunger to improving gender equality and access to health and education, and even tackling inequality and climate change. 

But can we make enough progress in the time left to achieve the SDGs?

Our guest on this episode, Nenad Rava - Head of programmes at the Joint SDG Fund - talks about how social protection interventions can catalyse change and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, in September we are celebrating the seven-year anniversary of socialprotection.org – which hosts the Social Protection Podcast. In this special Quick Wins, we will hear from Mariana Balboni – Coordinator of socialprotection.org - about the platform’s most exciting features and some of its achievements.



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