Ep. 13 | Social Protection in Ukraine

Last month, we had a bonus episode about the conflict in Ukraine, and how social protection systems could support a fast-growing refugee crisis. As we enter the seventh week of the conflict, the challenge of supporting both the population staying and fleeing deepens.

However, this episode carries a glimmer of hope: today, we are talking to specialists who are making the most of social protection systems to support the people in need.

We will hear from Gabriele Erba, Beneficiary Data Systems Specialist for UNICEF, discussing the registration system the agency just implemented with the government. Gabriele has been working for the last 12 years to design, implement and research cash transfers in humanitarian settings.

In addition, we will hear from Paul Harvey, partner with Humanitarian Outcomes, on how Ukrainian social protection systems are still being delivered and how are they being affected by the conflict. Paul Harvey is also the co-Director of the BASIC research, which examines social assistance in protracted crises. He’s been researching humanitarian issues for the last 20 years and before that was an aid worker.

Along with this episode, socialprotection.org also hosted a special webinar to comment on the Ukrainian refugee response and where and how humanitarian cash can link to and support social protection systems – hearing directly from the Government of Poland and specialized researchers on the topic.


Our guests for this episode are:

Gabriele Erba, Beneficiary Data Systems Specialist for UNICEF; and

Paul Harvey, partner with Humanitarian Outcomes and co-Director of the BASIC research


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