What is Social Protection?

Work injury insurance

“Work injury schemes provide for compensation for work-related injuries and occupational diseases. The efficiency of a work injury scheme depends on a range of factors, the main indicator being the reduction of work-related accidents and occupational diseases. The concept of preventing occupational risks is therefore embedded in many of these schemes. They are supported by a legal framework, which defines the competencies, roles, responsibilities and spheres of action. Linking prevention to accident insurance compensation can enable effective mechanisms to reduce both accidents at work and occupational diseases, and to provide an incentive for employers to boost preventive activities in an enterprise, as it directly impacts on the contribution rate paid exclusively by the employer.”

 Source: International Social Security Association. n.d. "Occupational Risks". ISSA. <https://www.issa.int/en/topics/occupational-risks/introduction>. Accessed 8 April 2020.