What is Social Protection?

Women's economic empowerment

"Gender equality in the economy refers to the full and equal enjoyment by women and men of their economic rights and entitlements facilitated by enabling policy and institutional environments and economic empowerment. Economic empowerment is a cornerstone of gender equality that refers both to the ability to succeed and advance economically and to the power to make and act on economic decisions. Empowering women economically is a right that is essential for both realizing gender equality and achieving broader development goals such as economic growth, poverty reduction, and improvements in health, education and social well-being".

Source: United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. N.d. "Gender Equality Glossary". UN Women. <https://trainingcentre.unwomen.org/mod/glossary/view.php?id=36&mode=letter&hook=U&sortkey=&sortorder=>. Accessed 14 May 2020.